Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gaming Quotes V

During last night's Pathfinder game we had encounters with a "helpful" dragon, magic yetis from beyond space and time, and a ginormous crab.

"It tastes like Wednesday." --Me

"I know we're playing but stop playing." --Candice

Regarding the miniature of the dragon:
"It's not a toy." --Eric
"Well it  is actually a toy." --Stephen
"No! No! No!" -- Everyone else

"A freckled yeti?" --Ashley
"That's a good name for a pub." --Me

After Susan kills the second yeti of the combat:
"You're the closer." --Fred
"New player is supposed to die, not do all the kill steals." --Candice

Val's half-orc barbarian bites the head off the last yeti:
"So the head is in one hand and the body is in the other and blood is spurting all over the place." --Candice
"Tastes good." --Val

After Val bites the head off a second yeti and holds it up:
"I name thee Maude Yetibiter." --Me
"Mine!" --Val

During the fight with the giant crab:
"It's spiky and hard." --Candice
"That's what she said." --Me

After killing the giant crab:
"We feast tonight" --Eric and me

"Ford [Eric's character] got the crab."  --Candice
"There's medicine for that now.  --Fred

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