Friday, June 19, 2015

Buy a Tor Book Day

We now return to our regularly scheduled geekiness.

I'm not going to dwell on the gory details but the loathsome Vox Day is trying to organize a boycott of Tor Books (one of the largest speculative fiction publishers out there and publisher of Vox's particular bete noire, John Scalzi) because Tor art director and associate editor Irene Gallo dared to write some unflattering things about him and the rest of the puppies on her personal Facebook page.  She was later forced to apologize and Tor owner Tom Doherty gave her, in my opinion, unjustified public dressing down.  Nevertheless Vox is still calling for a boycott of Tor.

So today please show your support of Tor and of Irene Gallo and her right to a personal opinion and buy a Tor book or three.  Then post a selfie of you and your book online somewhere with the hashtag #IStandByIrene.

Here I am with my e-book copy of Elizabeth Bear's Karen Memory.

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