Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On Wizard World Sacramento

Last weekend my friend Val and I drove down to Sacremento for the Wizard World Comic-Con there.  I wore my steampunk airship captain outfit while Val was dressed as a random space alien.

Myself and professional cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty

Val and the world's tallest Mr. Spock cosplayer

We had a good time and though the convention was obviously larger than the one Wizard World ran in Reno last November it didn't seem nearly as crowded.

Surprisingly neither Val nor I emptied our respective bank accounts there. I bought a book by M. Todd Gallowglass and the first volume of Lucifer graphic novel as well as some of Ivy Doomkitty's autographed prints.  My biggest and best purchase was a brown leather map-case/orders satchel to go with my steampunk costume.

The one thing that both us had a hard time coming to grips was that every other booth seemed to be selling Pop!Vinyl dolls. All with exactly the same large selections of the same characters.  How can the market bear that level of saturation?

I know several people don't like Wizard World's cons but I think they do a good job and it was certainly a nice way to spend the day and get my head back together after last week.

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