Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gaming Quotes II

NOTE: We had a low turnout at gaming last night so there was less bantering off each other than usual.

“Stop interfering with my alien sex fantasy.” --Me

“What does mean to be a cavalier?” --Stephen
“You're from Cleveland and very tall.” --Me

“The door of the tavern opens. You notice it is raining and standing in the door is a knight.” --Eric
“It's a dark and stormy knight!” --Me

“Hey guys, I think there's something behind this door. The GM rolled his dice.” --Stephen

“You get there simultaneously but I'm going to let Ashley go first because she's a girl.” --Eric
“The power of boobs compels you!” --Me

“You roll to clit.” --Eric

[Referring to a broken Oreo]
“It's needs a health spell.” --Me
“Oreos are already magic.” --Stephen

[To Ashley’s wounded character]
“Don't worry, I have pain drugs.” --Candice
“Yes, she pulls out a hammer and on the side is engraved ‘Pain Drugs’.” --Eric

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